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Working on a Home Renovation

07 Jan 2022
Working on someone’s home carries with it a lot of pros, cons, advantages and greater risks along with it. It’s wildly different from working on a large, outdoor site, or road works, so it’s important to make sure you’re up to date on what you could be dealing with.

Make Your Worksite Small

Make Your Worksite Small

When working on a home renovation, the crew typically has a very small space to work with. The residents are, more often than not, still living in the home you’re working on, and you can’t take over the entire property.

Worksite safety and respect needs to be maintained at all costs, not only to make sure the work flows smoothly, but to make sure everyone is safe.

Keep your tools close by, or well stored in the appropriate places. Don’t abandon your work tools and leave them unattended where anyone can trip over them, because a screwdriver left peeking out of a doorframe while someone is carrying something can spell disaster.

Make Your Worksite Small

The Right Safety Shoes

With so little space to work with, it’s important to be able to move fluidly around the work space. Now, if you’ve read some of our previous blogs, we’ve talked before about different kind of safety footwear, but this is one of those cases where footwear is very important.

In the case of a restricted environment, we’d more than recommend safety shoes over boots. They safety concerns with footwear are lessened in a home renovation, and the added ability to move around with help you and the crew you belong to move between each other much easier.

Make Your Worksite Small


Admittedly this is more of a greater concern for the owners of the company, but there’s things to consider when you’re on of the crew as well.

Working on someone’s home is a far more personal process than a large site or road works. You have a closer connection to the people who are providing you your budget. When dealing with a huge site, or a government contract, there’s some room to give for smaller mistakes.

But it’s harder to look a property owner in the eye and tell them some mistake has been made and the money is more than you initially thought. These potential mistakes include under-estimating the parts and labor. Again, these are the greater concerns for the owner, but for the crew, you have to make sure you’re careful and precise and to not cause damage during the build, otherwise you’ll have to spend time and money repairing.
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