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Workwear is Going Carbon Neutral

20 Dec 2021
Green Carbon Neutral Shoe

Recently a new safety shoe came to our stores that we had a chance to take a look at. Coming from U-Power, this is the Red Industry Green Carbon Neutral Shoe. Let’s take a look at it and see what’s so special, but more importantly, is it worth getting.

The Safety Shoe That’s Carbon Neutral

So, the reason why this shoe is worth taking a look at is the fact that it’s a carbon neutral shoe, meaning that its making didn’t damage the environment. One of the ways this was done is with the fact that the shoe itself is made from recycled materials, with other materials being acquired from renewable sources.

Right now, there aren’t too many good quality workwear shoes on the market which are also carbon neutral. There’s very few in fact. So the fact that there’s such a shoe coming out from U-Power could only mean the world of environmentally ethical workwear is going up a level.

The construction and workwear industries are catching up to growing concerns with the environment. Global warming is a problem that everyone, of course, is going to have to deal with at some point. It’s great to see options like this make our way into markets, and as we’ll discuss below, it’s still a great shoe to get for work, not just the environment.

Green Carbon Neutral Shoe

Great Workwear Shoe at a Great Price

So, the reason why this shoe is worth talking about is its obvious benefit to the environment. But how does this relate to you; the person who needs to go to work every day with your feet protected?

U-Power wouldn’t have made this shoe if its wasn’t going to come with a certain degree of quality. It’s light and breathable, but won’t come apart under the strain of an eight-hour work day.

What’s more, it comes at a great price. Coming in at slightly under €105, it’s already more affordable than many of the other work shoes out there right now. I suppose U-Power knew it wouldn’t make sense to be eco-friendly if the everyday worker couldn’t access them, and so they’re worth considering as your next shoe if you have the reasonable budget for it.
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