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Waterproof Workwear? – Look No Further Than Elka Rainwear

24 Jan 2022
elka waterproof workwear

Elka are a company who pride themselves on bringing solutions to outdoor work clothes to provide you the best protection in the harshest of elements.

Many worksites can’t afford (unless there’s a high safety risk, of course) to shut down because of a light rain, and workers shouldn’t have to prove their toughness to each other by braving the elements.

Elka are a 20 year old company based in Lithuania who manufacture their products using a variety of materials such as polyester and microfiber, among others, giving them a wide array of textile experience to make sure their work clothes are always capable of surprising functions and features.

Stretch Waterproof

Elka Rainwear is their claim to fame, manufacturing some of the finest and most protective waterproof clothing out there. They aim to be a complete solution and are a great choice to look into when you’re expecting to be working outdoors.

Waterproof materials tend not to be the most comfortable materials to wear. Them acting as a barrier has the consequence of being stiff and loud when they move around. Elka, however, have developed a range of rainwear that they call their stretch collection.

The stretch collection, at its core, are a series of jackets and trousers which are light weight and ergonomic, but who also have fitted adjustments on order to grant a more comfortable feel. This should make them a much better feel to wear, and make those long days on roadworks run a lot smoother.

elka waterproof workwear

Elka Xtreme

Elka Xtreme are one of the more common brands of Elka Rainwear that you’ll find on the market. There’s a wide variety of xtreme products for you to choose from depending on your needs. They have regular trousers and jackets, as well as fishing overalls.

Most of them also come in thermal options seeing as rain and bodies of water tend to get really cold, and you deserve to be warm on site. They also come in a variety of styles, from the before mentioned overalls to bomber jackets and softshell jackets, so there are plenty of options depending on your needs.

If you’re unsure of your needs, but know you’ll need good quality waterproofing, Elka Xtreme are a good starting point for buying something strong that will last.
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