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Soft Shell Jackets: What Are They?

16 Dec 2021
Soft Shell Jackets: What Are They?

With January being one of the coldest months of the year, if you haven’t thought about your winter protection by now, you really should. That’s where a really good jacket could help see you through until Summer.

You’d be lucky to not be working outdoors, or on a draughty renovation, but if you are, you have to make sure you’re wearing the right workwear, and a good quality jacket that works well for construction is a must.

If you don’t know where to start though, or just didn’t realize a good quality workwear jacket makes all the difference, we have one solid recommendation. Soft shell jackets.

Soft shell Jackets

So, if we’re going to be talking about them, we should probably understand what Softshell jackets are. Soft shell jackets are a lightweight and versatile top layer that has some degree of water-proofing and is usually quite breathable.

Their versatility is what makes them a great option. Often recommended for hikers, they work well for tradespeople too, given the amount of physical activity that’s involved with the job.

Why This Jacket?

They do a decent job of keeping you warm, keeping you dry, and keeping you moving when the job needs to get done. Now, there are workwear jackets which do each of those jobs better, but soft shells’ do it all when you need them too.

Soft Shell Jackets: What Are They?

The Benefits

On winter days that aren’t quite as chilly, a soft shell jacket gives you the ability to control your temperature much better than a larger puffy jacket, or a thermal jacket. Softshell jackets are a lot easier to take on and off throughout your workday, making it easier to cool down or heat back up when you need too.

While wearing one, moving around the worksite is much easier, as there’s less material surrounding your shoulders and elbows. The water-proof exterior also provides a good barrier of protection from light rain.

All-in-all, the soft-shell jacket is the perfect jacket for people who need adaptable workwear for a variety of challenges on site, and if you’re unsure of what to buy, this is a safe bet.
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