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Who are U-Power?

14 Jan 2022
Who are U-Power


U-Power is a workwear manufacturing company from Italy, but have grown over their time in business with a lot of branches to their company to give a full range of services and develop their own technologies to stay ahead of the game.

Valuing customer service, they’ve spread beyond Italy to sell online to many countries, and they also have showrooms in France, Germany and England where you can get fitting and get closer to the products you hope to buy.

Their company claims to focus on comfort and functionality, which we can definitely see in the products they manufacture, especially their work shoes. They’re not know for big, sturdy, leather boots, but instead softer, abrasive-resistant shoes that perform well but have a number of functions to help you move around the work site easier, or some other benefit.

Who are U-Power


One of their best known accomplishments, the Infinergy shoe, is a bit of a scientific marvel. Originally starting out as an idea and product for athletes, it’s since made its way into our industry as an amazing work shoe to help you get around with increased agility.

So, the thing about the Infinergy series has to do with their scientific sole. To allow you to move more fluidly, their sole is built from a cluster of plastic foam beads, made from a material U-Power themselves developed.

These beads collect the energy of when your foot hits the ground, and then released that energy when your foot leaves the ground, actually helping to lift you off the ground.

Who are U-Power

Carbon Neutral

U-Power recently released another great work shoe which was designed to be carbon neutral. This means the shoe created no harm to the environment that wasn’t mitigated by other, more eco-logical processes. They were able to accomplish this by making the shoe out of recycled materials.

This is amazing and we’re so happy this shoe exists. These are the Red Industry Green line of shoes. It’s good to know there’s companies out there like U-Power who’re willing to put themselves forward and try to make footwear like this.

Now, make no mistake. Despite being recycled and carbon neutral, it’s still an amazing shoe that’ll grant you a good degree of protection. We wouldn’t sell them if they wouldn’t be a safe option for work sites.

But that the industry is moving forward in this way is just exciting, and we can’t wait to see what this Italian workwear provider do next.

If you want to check out U-Power, or any of the things listed above, feel free to check them out here.
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