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Protect Yourself From Sensory Damage

16 Nov 2021

Sensory Impairment is one of the most common ailments to afflict workers who’ve spent their careers on the worksite.

Usually you start to see symptoms after a couple of years, if not decades, but make no mistake, if you don’t protect your ears, eyes, or airways, you could suffer long term damage well into when you retire.

We’ve seen far too many veteran tradesman with an impaired ability to hear after a lifetime standing side-by-side with heavy machinery. You shouldn’t have to put yourself at risk to get a job done, and now more than ever, options exist to protect yourself.

Protect Yourself From Sensory Damage

Safety Options

If you’re looking for a range of safety options for the eyes, mouth or ears, we have plenty of options in our 3M Workwear collection.

With this supplier, we keep a healthy stock of respirator masks, ear plugs, ear muffs and hard hats. Whatever your needs on your site, make sure you’re protected. You might not feel the effects today, you might not feel them tomorrow, but in years time, you might notice a loss of your senses, and once that happens, you can’t go back.

Let’s talk about why that is.

How Your Senses Get Damaged

Worksite sensory damage usually takes the form of prolonged and excessive exposure to noise, light or mild irritants.

When we opened this blog, we spoke about veterans of the factory floor suffering from long-term hearing damage, and dealing with it after they retire. That is sadly so common among workers, though thankfully getting better with new generations.

Protect Yourself From Sensory Damage

But the issue is still there if you don’t take precautions. 8 hours a day, for at least 40 hours a week, next to heavy, clunky machinery beside your ear, will definitely cause damage as years go by.

The worst part is, because it takes so long for the damage to happen, you won’t even notice it’s happening until one day someone has to tap you on the shoulder to get your attention.

Same thing goes for electrical or welding workers and bright lights, as well as anyone who might be working with anything they might breathe into their lungs.

Safety isn’t just about keeping limbs out of machines, or not tripping over equipment that wasn’t properly stored away. There’s many hidden dangers too.

Never Put Yourself At Risk

We care about safety, and worksites are full of risk. Never jeopardise yourself when you can get the job done right.

If you’re interested in protecting your senses while on the job, make sure you check out our 3M Workwear collection. They have all of the accessories you could need to protect your senses at work.

Protect Yourself From Sensory Damage
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