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It’s Getting Darker – Make Sure You’re Wearing High Viz

19 Nov 2021
Protect Yourself From Sensory Damage

It’s Getting Colder

It’s officially winter, which means almost every site worker is set to wake up every morning to a drab and chilly commute to a drab and chilly work zone. This is when our morning warriors have it worse.

But sadly, a bitterly cold morning on site might not be our chief concern. With the coming of winter, means the sun is setting sooner too. Starting now it’s going to get dark earlier and earlier as the months go by.

By January, visibility will begin to be compromised as early as 2:00pm, and both individual workers and sites need to make sure they’re prepared.

Protect Yourself From Sensory Damage

Safety First with High Viz

Workers on site, or at the roadside, are very vulnerable. At O’Sullivan’s Safety, we recognize and worry about the risk to our workers, as they’re the ones who’ve built the Ireland we all live in today.

Let’s face it, we can’t trust every driver to take corners, or notice temporary signage, with added care. We have to protect ourselves.

So if it’s getting darker, the solution is simple. Be Visible!

It goes without saying you need high-viz clothing on a construction site. It’s a basic matter of safety that everyone is taught day 1.

It’s important to make sure you have a range of high visibility, however, and in good condition. If damage to your workwear goes beyond normal ‘wear and tear’, you could be adding greater risk to yourself at work.

With the temperature dropping, you need to make sure you have a good quality high viz jacket. There’s no point to a high viz shirt, if you’re just going to put a heavy coat over it and block the benefits.

High-viz trousers are also a major benefit, especially when the light level really begins to drop in the evening.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re safe, warm and seen this winter.

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