D Lady Levity Safety Shoes - S1P

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D Lady Levity Safety Shoes - S1P

D Lady Levity Safety Shoes - S1P


D Lady Levity Safety Shoes - S1P

Size: 6.5 (40)

Nubuck pull-up


Solidbreath® High performance, made with a special “open-pore fabric”, which eliminates “stale air" and moisture while walking, leaving the feet fresh and dry


PU foam


E.V.A. removable and anatomical to ensure maximum comfort


Highly resistant tread: it has been studied to accompany the foot in total safety on any type of surface. The special Dirty Stop® plugs which it is made up of, optimise the grip and have been studied so as to rapidly eliminate liquids and mud. Digger resists high contact temperatures of up to 300 °C. Made of PU and rubber, this sole has been designed by our research laboratories so as to offer a really all-terrain and maximum drive on any type of surface


Highsafe-Tex® special high-density anti-perforation insole. Made with an innovative material and stitched to the upper, it ensures the highest protection levels. Flexible and resistant.


EN ISO 20345 S3 SRC

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