What’s The Deal with Infinergy Footwear?

Infinergy work footwear

What They Do

The goal with Infinergy footwear is to dramatically improve performance, while being light and flexible, giving you a greater range of movement. They were original built for athletes, but with the constant moving of those in our industry, a series of the shoes were launched for workers in mind.

In previous blogs we’ve talked about how important footwear for not weighing you down and moving around more confined worksites, but Infinergy were designed with movement in mind, so let’s break down what makes them tick.

The Science

The technology inside the shoe is all in the cushioned sole, which is light and manoeuvrable, allowing you to move fluidly while wearing them.

Without delving too much into formulas, the sole is built from a cluster of elastic plastic foam, which allows for the greater range of movement from the shoe, but also has the amazing benefit of storing and releasing energy with each step. They basically kick you off the ground as you’re lifting your foot up.

This ability to store and release energy is why they were built for sport, but you can see why your average worksite crew could benefit.

Good Quality

Infinergy work footwear

They weren’t going to adapt that elastic cell technology in the sole for worksites, and then wrap an inferior shoe around it. No, Infinergy footwear tends to be of a quality comparable to all of the other higher end brands out there right now.

The soles have a number of secondary benefits made from the fact that these elastic cells are supposed to take quite a lot of punishment. The soles are abrasive resistant with a high tensile strength, and also breath quite well. This allows the shoes to be warm and temperature resistant.

Workwear Fashion

Importing these shoes from the world of sport, where part of competing is trying to excite a fan base, these shoes tend to be a lot flashier than most workwear. Protecting your feet and getting around the worksite is obviously why you need shoes like these, but it feels good to be wearing shoes you really want to wear and to stand out.
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