Infinergy® is a real breakthrough in innovation, originally designed for the world of sport, it revolutionised the running shoe.
BASF’s technological expertise in particle foams combined with their experience with thermoplastic polyurethanes
lead to this entirely new
closed-cell elastic particle foam

The Infinergy® cushioning helps to maintain energy levels for longer than any traditional sole with the added benefit of lightness, freedom of movement, anti-fatigue and reduction of musculoskeletal disorders.
Red Lion, good looking and a perfect fit combined with cushioning!

A concentration of technology that reinvents traditional cushioning – dynamic cushioning. Soft and dynamic cushioning that returns positive energy to the wearer. Energy is stored as the foot hits the ground and is returned through the sole as the foot lifts up, pushing the foot forward. A large amount of the expended energy is returned to the wearer. Excellent long-term strength even when exposed to constant stress Unlike traditional foams, Infinergy® still retains its elastic memory whilst withstanding temperatures of -20°c to over +40°C

Safety Trainers

Safety Boots

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