How is this achieved?

By measuring the carbon footprint from the cradle to the grave. This includes raw materials, production/manufacturing, delivery to the distributor, delivery to the customer and finally assuming land fill disposal. These emissions are reduced as much as possible by using 100% renewable materials in PU soles, insoles and midsoles and 100% recycled polyester laces, 68% recycled upper, and 66% recycled lining. Carbon credits certified by Bureau Veritas in line with the UN and verified by EY are then bought to offset the remaining emissions.


Advantage for customer?  

On average safety footwear consumes about 40Kg CO2. Assuming 100 workers use 1 pair of boots each per year, 4 tons of CO2 is generated. By buying this footwear our customers reduce their annual CO2 emissions by 4 tons.


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